3 Computer Programs To Edit Your Photos Best This Year - At No Cost

Photography doesn’t stop at taking pictures. Whether this is for private use or a commissioned break for your career, it is best that you have the right tools and post-processing techniques.

While there are many paid photo editors online, you might want to start with excellent tools that can be downloaded free of charge.

To help you make an easier yet well-informed decision about the tools to install on your computer, I have listed the 5 best free photo editing programs.

1. GIMP 2.9.4, and soon 2.10

GIMP has been reviewed by many as an alternative to Photoshop with an almost similar setup and brushes and its capacity to manipulate graphics.

We recommend GIMP 2.9.4 for beginners who cannot pay for Photoshop just yet. While there are some differences in the interface, the skills we learn from this basic-to-intermediate editing tool can still be used should we switch software.

There are more enhancements to come, as per their website.

2. Paint.NET

They created Paint.NET to replace Microsoft’s Paint program - not just its name, but more.

Paint.NET is a free-to-use interface for editing photos that includes layers, and other functionalities available on Paint. If your hands move a lot and are not so steady, don’t fret. This version has unlimited undo!

3. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is more than your average free photo editor.

This interface has practical editing tools grouped in pages, while it allows RAW conversion to JPEG, splitting and merging photos, and creating animated files in Graphics Interchange Format.

There goes my top three when it comes to free downloadable software for editing digital photos. Give these programs a try and see which one is the right pick to deliver your style. Good luck!

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