Demand Higher Wedding Photography Prices This Year and Attract More Clients

Knowing just how much to charge can be tough, especially with wedding photography.

As you gain experience, one wedding after another, you tend to evaluate your worth, and it’s way higher than you currently ask from your clients.

After evaluating how much you earn versus how much you would like to receive, you are now ready to stand up for yourself and the future of your wedding photography firm. You finally accept the fact that charging lower fees is no longer a business, but a charity.

So let me list down three steps on how to raise your prices as a wedding photographer.

1. Be visible. Be opinionated. Be online.

If you are serious about getting paid higher, get more visibility. Start sharing your opinions about anything wedding photography and have an online portfolio where people can see your skills.

Start a blog, if you do not have one. You need an avenue where you can showcase what you’ve got - from opinions to previous clients to your services to finally, your marked-up prices.

If you already own a blog, keep it up-to-date and never dated. No one wants to hire a wedding photographer who doesn’t have a new portfolio to brag.

2. Make more art with your art.

Wedding photography is already an art in its own right. However, to increase prices, you have to take your artistry to a different level.

Try taking pictures aside from wedding photo shoots. Take time to add more drama to your craft, and post it on your site. If you build your reputation as “more than just a wedding photographer”, people won’t care if they pay more for your services.

3. Add more perks, for a price.

Most people think that it is better to pay more than spend time on things other people can do for them.

Thus, if you want to receive better pay, start giving the VIP treatment. Look for perks to excite them up, like a 24/7 hotline or free package delivery for their photos, if you can or give them DVD copies of their wedding or a blog specially dedicated to their pictures.

See which one fits, and adhere to it. No one likes false promises.

There go three tips on how you can effectively increase your prices as a wedding photographer and gain more customers.

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