I like the feeling of how this magazine becomes the epitome of everything photography - a visual ecstasy by all means. Even its title resonates a characteristic any picture shows best; it speaks for itself - PC Photo Mag. An online photo magazine.

My name is Helen Hood, an editor and online curator of the most artistic pictures from various photographers, whether amateur, professionals or simply hobbyists like me.

In my younger years, the fast-paced life of New York City has left me alone at home while my parents were burning both ends of the candle. With nothing to do yet with a high allowance money, I decided to get myself a camera. I was clueless about photography but still bought it.

Apparently, it was one of my best decisions ever.

While I was walking on my way home, I angled the camera at a nearby building. Even before I took the first shot, I immediately knew my life was destined to be more colourful yet a dramatic bliss. The camera lens gave me a perspective I’ve never seen my entire life.

As times passed, I became blessed with better photography experience, some writing skills and friends who enjoy the same passion. I learned so much about the mechanism that makes this art possible and some techniques, though I would say I am still a better critic than a shutterbug.

Join us as we show you a different angle to the world. Enjoy your view here at PC Photo Mag.