A Guide to Landing the Camera that’s Perfect for You

Cameras today come in different designs, functions, and cost. These give us a variety of selection that fits our lifestyle, personality, and budget. Thus, looking for your next gadget could also be confusing, as there are so many cameras available in the market.

To narrow the choices down, here are some tips that set the difference of one camera to the next.

1. Identify your Lifestyle and Photo Subjects

Your style of life, hobby, and the subject will demand different features and functions from your camera, so make sure you categorise accordingly before making any purchase.
a. For apprentice and professional photographers (Studio, Fashion, Sports, Landscape, Event, etc.)
They work best with cameras that bring highly defined photo quality with auto or manual focus, high ISO features, and interchangeable lenses. DSLRs and mirrorless cameras would fit this skill level.
b. Active sports enthusiasts, thrill seekers, animal wildlife observationalist and the likes
Above average photo quality, with fast shutter speed, shockproof, waterproof, and mountable features are recommended. Tiny, action ready cameras that can be strapped onto a helmet or on any moving object are perfect.
c. Occasional and random point-and-shoot candid photographers (most likely aren’t exactly photographers but are social media active individuals)
Slim, compact, accessible, average photo cameras are suggested. Camera smartphones work best bringing a variety of photo apps available plus swift uploads on social sites.

2. Personal Preferences

Take your aesthetic and texture preferences into consideration. Buying a camera is similar to buying yourself a gift. Eliminate designs that do not make you feel happy about spending.

3. Research Camera Types and Cost

Online stores and manufacturer websites usually indicate estimated costs. Stick to the budget you’ve kept and cross out cameras impractical for your pocket and style of life.

4. Helpful Accessories

Sometimes, what your camera lacks, an accessory may make up for. Cables, eyepieces, power banks, tripods, memory cards are some compliments you can add to your camera to complete a function you need.

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