6 Secrets Professional Photographers Won’t Tell

Anyone without a decent understanding of photography, who lacks the camera and accessories to create an elegant and expert shot, or someone who gets paid on his first attempt without much experience is considered lucky.

1. Keep it slowly but surely.

It takes time before you can tag your photography professional, though you’ll get them if you’re patient enough.

2. While you’re at it, become a better version of your shutterbug self every day.

Take time to practice and learn continuously. Grab that camera and keep taking pictures. Be comfortable in being behind that lens. Know your style and outdo yourself.

3. Save up for a better camera that can do wonders for you.

Simply put, a professional photographer owns a professional camera. If you want to land a paid job and keep them coming, make sure that your equipment is the best you could probably get.

Ask around for prices and market reviews. If you found the camera you think is right for you, go ahead and buy it so you could practice.

If you need some more funds, that’s okay. If this is the profession you want to be in, then, work hard for your camera, your investment and the key to success.

4. Get certified.

Though some successful photographers did not have any formal education or training, it is still best for beginners nowadays to get some certification.

It helps build your credibility and your network, too.

5. Get recommended.

Offer your services to friends, at no to minimal cost, and build your portfolio. While starting up, you need to increase your clientele and experience. Your friends may not be able to pay you the amount you aim for, or give you that break that you need, however, they may know people who do.

6. Start photo blogging.

If you want to be a professional shutterbug, then act like one. Experts keep an online portfolio of their works, so prospects have reference to what they do.

Start one for yourself and update it from time to time. You’d never know, your big break might be your next blog visitor.

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