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A significant number of our readers who are still discovering photography are very enthusiastic about this hobby and would like to take pictures professionally in the future. While those with a wider background are constantly looking for products to improve the quality of their work. There are also some camera collectors who visit our site each month.

As a photography magazine, it serves our purpose to educate our audience with trusted vendors for their craft needs.

Available Ad Sizes

We strategically include ad spaces to promote your brands. Check the following banner types, sizes and prices fit your interests best.

  1. The Half Banner (234*60) - $75 monthly

Practical and easy on the budget, this banner are optimised for mobile view. Thus, anyone on the go can still see your ad without hassle.

  1. The Leaderboard (728*90) - $320 monthly

As it name may suggest, this is the first ad audience see on the magazine. It sets the mood and gets a higher impression.

  1. The Skyscraper (120*600) - $350 monthly

Need to say a lot? The skyscraper provides enough space for your advertisement.

Why Sets Us Apart?

PC Photo Mag offers and allows customization on your advertisements. For us, your ad is your art.

We have long-term ad spaces available, too. If you like our target market, we have options for leasing - in 3, 6, 9, and 12 months terms. We offer some discounts and perks for sellers who opt for these.

We do not bombard our readers with numerous ads at a time. Thus, they enjoy their reading experience and in fact, anticipate seeing promotions on the site. We position your ads carefully to make them look artistically cohesive with the site.